Entry: Ten Dollar Club at Chinatown Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Have you ever went to a Karaoke called Ten Dollar Club before? Well.. It's my first time visiting the KTV, which is located at smith street. I went there on 30th Dec '09 with zz, xq, xh, alan, zq, ly and tm as it's a long long time since I went to sing!

The location was quite easy to find, if you know where is the existing location of Grand court restaurant. I need to tell all of you the best part, before you can decide whether you think it's worth it or not.

1. The drinks are free-flow! Wee..Wuuhuu.. Of cos there are limited choices, but the choices are acceptable, like lemon honey, ice/hot lemon tea, chinese tea, coke, sprite and etc.

2. You are allowed to bring outside food to the KTV rooms to eat! I never heard of a KTV providing this kind of privilege to customers, it's like an extra bonus. The only rule that you need to stick is to throw the containers or rubbish away by yourself which is an acceptable rule as well. :)

3. They gave everyone a bowl of shark's fin soup absolutely for FREE, where got such a nice KTV box one? But of cos we can't eat, cos we are vegetarians! Maybe we could suggest them to cook some food that are suitable for vegetarians too, so that everyone can enjoy though. Haha..however, this is one of their way to compliment their customers, good service.

4. The ambience was romantic. They decorated the room with x'mas festive items and there are balloons on top on the ceilings.

5. There is also a pool table in the main hall. But of cos you need to toss 2 dollar coin inside to play 1 round la..lol.

6. Sound system is okay, there is nothing to be picky of.

7. You can sing from 7pm to 12pm, 5 hours of entertainment, and just need to pay less than S$12 bucks. You think worth it?

The KTV was located at level 3, and there are not plenty of rooms over there. Thus, if you really wish to go, you need to book with them first. They might tell you that you need to have a minimum of around 8pax to enjoy the special price offer.


Ten Dollar Club
Family K.T.V Karaoke
31A to 35A Smith Street, 3rd Flr
Singapore 058945

Tel: 6225 1231, 6225 1547
Fax: 6323 0771

Operating Hrs: 2pm - 2am

Some of the pictures that I took after the KTV session:

DSC02420 DSC02422

DSC02421 DSC02426

DSC02424 DSC02425

DSC02428 DSC02427

On flipside, I have a hard time using the remote control to select songs, as it was a bit complicated. However, if you don't mind learning for a while, it's still ok, only just that you have to scroll the pages for quite sometime before finding your desire song.

Most importantly, the songs were not as up-to-date as K-Box or partyworld, but if you are not so fussy, this is not a problem. At least songs released 3 months ago still can be found inside. :P

If you are interested, call Ten-Dollar-Club now!


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